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Manakeep 728x90
Guild Rules
1. Always follow group leader orders, even if you disagree with him. You can discuss leader mistakes after fight.
2. Dont join sc/wz/arena solo while in group without leader permission.
3. If you need to go afk or log off inform group about that.
4. Staying and working with your group is a priory unless ordered otherwise.

5. If you have any problems ask officers or leader for help.
6. Treat all guild members and guild friends with respect.

Voice com
7. Join guild voice program when asked too, even if you cant speak.
8. Dont talk when group leader is giving orders.

9. Every member able to use specific vaults can take any gear he need for his characters. Dont take gear to sell it. Keep guild vault clean and gear in right order.

End rules
10. Characters inactive longer than 2 weeks will be removed from guild. Players can avoid removing by informing about incoming inactivity in Holiday topic on forum or by pm to guild leader.
11. Ignoring guild rules with be punished with warning and can end with guild kick.
12. All things not mentioned in guild rules are in decision of guild leader.

Lack of knowledge about rules its not excuse to not obey them.